Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are pets allowed at Holiday Inn Club Member Resorts?



Q. I am a new member of Holiday Inn Club. How do I get started?



Q. What is the difference between Holiday Inn Club Points, IHG® Rewards Club points and RCI Points?



Q. When can I call to confirm my Home Week?

Q. Where can I learn more about Reservation Windows?

Q. Why haven't I received a confirmation for the reservation I made recently?

Q. I will be arriving at the resort before the scheduled check-in time of 4 p.m. Can I check-in early?

Q. I have a reservation confirmation from RCI, but I need to arrive a day early. Can Holiday Inn Club change my reservation?


Member Benefits

Q. Where can I learn more about my member benefits?

Q. Why haven't I received my Holiday Inn Club membership card yet?

Q. How can I exchange my Holiday Inn Club Points for IHG® Rewards Club points?

Q. Do you have any special offers available for Club members?

Q. My membership benefits entitle me to a free reservation upgrade. However, it's is difficult to upgrade because the space is already reserved. What can I do?

Q. Am I supposed to receive additional Holiday Inn Club materials in the mail after purchasing?

Q. How can I access Last Call and Extra Vacations I was told about?

Q. What is MAXtime and how do I access it?



Q. I'm having difficulty getting through on the toll-free phone number provided for United Kingdom residents.



Q. When will I receive my Satisfaction of Mortgage?

Q. Please explain the termination of the Plan in the year 2061/2071.

Q. How do I change may name? When we purchased, we were single and now are married.

Q. How do we go about adding another party to our contract or title?

Q. Why would all correspondences be addressed in only two (2) owners’ names and not all three (3) or four (4) owners?

Q. I/we prefer to allow someone else to use my/our week for this year - or an RCI internal exchange back to OLCC. Whom do I notify?

Q. My ex-wife/husband Quit Claim the property to me and I made all the payment. Why does his/her name appear on the Satisfaction of Mortgage?

Q. Are we relieved of our obligation (mortgage) if we sell our property or deed it to someone whom will take over the payments?

Q. Copies of the contract have been lost. Can you send new documents?

Q. We purchased a new construction unit and have not received our Deed. When can we expect to receive our Deed?

Q. I sold my unit week and sent a copy of the Deed to OLCC. Why hasn’t your data base been updated?

Q. My husband/wife is deceased. How do I remove their name from your records?